Izumi World
What are Izumi?
Remnants of a lost age.
The Izumi are the fragments of the Tengokus' elemental power, manifested inside of a creature formed from the environment in which it was created. Most Izumi take the form of a quadrupedal animal, similar to and roughly the size of a dog or a cat, but with extraneous features that make them unlike any creature on Earth.
The Izumi are uniquely capable of harnessing the elemental magic within them, and are used by Izumi trainers to practice the arcane arts lost in the War of the Five Elements.
Each Izumi has a combination of the Tengoku's power, and can range from being composed of purely a single element to a mixture of all four elements. The elements that make up an Izumi are referred to by Ildaloran Scholars as an Izumi's Elemental Ratio.
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