Izumi World
The History of Izumi World
The Elder Days.
Before history began, the cosmos was created by the Tengoku, the heavenly beings of stone, sea, flame and wind. The Tengoku once lorded over a universe without form, light or magic, until the moment when the Tengoku combined their power and created the Earth. The four gods desired for a world of life and beauty, and so combined together once again to create a new form that would one day rule over the earth. The elements combined into one, and man took shape for the first time.
For thousands of years, Mankind toiled at mastering the elements stored within them, weaving great magics to raise castles, carve rivers into the earth, and bring prosperity to one another. Over these years, the Tengoku watched over Mankind from a distant realm of light and song.
One day, amidst the harmonious cataclysm that transpired within this realm, a new power was born, one that none of the Tengoku had predicted or even intended to create.
This power exploded into the realm of song, silencing the awesome powers of the gods' domain. The Tengoku, fearing the might of this new power, fled to seek aid from mankind. In their terror, they had left the realm of song to fall under the weight of this new, dark, fifth element, and watched as the realm of song was turned from a place of beauty and chaos to a cold realm of stillness and void. This fifth element was thereafter named Death.
The world was engulfed in brutal combat with demons born from the power of Death. At the moment of Death’s final triumph, its avatar stepped forth from the shadows. The very embodiment of Death stood before the Tengoku. He lifted his mighty sword of torment, aiming the killing blow to all of creation.
In a heartbeat before the moment of desolation, the Elementals gave their lives to save the Earth. They combined all of their power, their forms, their very souls to strike a decisive blow at Death. When it struck, both it and the Tengoku were no more. Their power shattered into fragments that flew to the skies and to all corners of the earth. Mankind was now alone on Earth, with the powers of the elements and death in pieces scattered over the cosmos.
However, despite victory over Death, the dark powers still existed in the world. Mankind was plagued with constant attacks from these demons, until one day, when it was discovered that the remains of the Tengoku’s power also took form in the world.
Humans reported sightings of great beasts doing battle with the Deathborne demons, utilizing incredible magics and combining the powers of the elements as the Tengoku once did. These beasts would be called the Izumi, and mastery over their abilities and magics may be Mankind’s only hope to defeat the Deathborne and vanquish the forces of Death forever.
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