Izumi World
The Elements
The powers that be.
The Tengoku lord over the elements of their domain, and share godhood over all the creations on the Earth. Each of the four Tengoku are the living avatars of their Elemental domain.
The four elements are:
Sea: The domain of Umi, the Seamother. Umi was the patron Tengoku of the seafaring LeSan people, known as explorers and adventurers. The Seamother granted her patronage the knowledge of shipcraft, not by explaining the art of sailing, but by instilling a deep love for the openness of the sea.
In combat, Izumi make use of the domain of the Seamother to heal allies and support their team mates.
The domain of Kaen, the Firesage. Kaen was once known as the warrior-god, for his creation of the great Arena of Hundin, where his patronage fought for the glory of the Tengoku. Kaen took the visage of a hawk, and lorded over his arena with burning eyes.
Izumi manipulate the power of flame to attack enemies with vicious ferocity.
The domain of Hane, the Windweaver. Hane was a scholar and philosopher, and guided his patronage, the Barklenders, to a wisdom of the higher arcane arts. The wind is the connector between all things, and to bridge the gap between great distances is to know that there is no gap at all.
Izumis' natural ability to manipulate elemental forces grants wind magic-users a wide variety of abilities to control the flow of combat.
The domain of Iwa, the Stonewarden. As the bedrock of all life, Iwa passed to his patronage, the Tol, the desire to protect and honor the deep and ponderous Earth and all those who live upon it. The strength of the foundations of the Earth lies with their people, and the gifts that it bears shine ever into the new world.
Stone magic Izumi are stalwart friends and guardians who use their power to defend their allies from harm.
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