Izumi World
What is Izumi World?
Izumi World is a digital collectible-based, geolocation, companion battle game where players capture and train magical beasts, known as Izumi, from live-tracked locations in the real world in AR. The Izumi are both friendly and fearsome, and possess wondrous magical powers that players can use to battle other players, join world events for PvE, and fight in the grand tournament known as the Ildaloran League Cup.
Thousands of years ago, the four ancient elemental lords, known as The Tengoku, bestowed magic upon humankind to aid their defense against the growing tide of the sinister fifth element, Death. Death was eventually defeated, but both it and the Tengokuโ€™s power was shattered into pieces that scattered across the world. In the shadow of those fragments, fearsome beasts were created from the remaining magical energy, which would later become the Izumi.
As an Izumi Trainer, it is your duty to harness the fragmented power of the Tengoku and vanquish the Deathborne monsters once and for all!
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