Izumi World
Catching an Izumi
You're gonna need a bigger phone.
In order to catch an Izumi, players will need to tame them in the Catching Minigame.
The catching minigame requires players to access their knowledge of Izumi biology and magical nature and figure out the correct way to soothe the beast. If the player is unable to catch the Izumi before a timer runs out, the Izumi will escape. Taming them will require resources and consumables gathered from both traveling in the Augmented Map and as rewards from combat encounters.
Izumi with different magical natures have different diets, habitats, behaviors and instincts. It is up to you to know what will warm them up to you.
Some Izumi can be fairly predictable;
Izumi with a strong wind-type association are deeply inquisitive. Offering them magical runes or subjects to investigate with them will endear them to your intelligence and wisdom.
Izumi with flame-type associations are strong-willed and suspicious. Offering them food might just make them less cranky, though!
Earth-type Izumi are natural guardians. Pretending to be wounded or in need of help with a Fake Bandage may activate their caring instincts!
Izumi of the Sea type need stimulation. If you know any songs, whistling, singing or playing the Izumiphone might grab their attention!
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