Izumi World
Hunting for Izumi
Search the world in AR.
In Izumi World, players will search for Izumi using a combination of a geo-location activated map system and a camera-powered AR lens which allows players to see the Izumi projected into the real world.
Players will enter location mode in the game through the main menu and be taken to the Augmented Map screen. From there, players are free to roam their real-world areas, and the geo-location service will track their position through the digital overlay. As players navigate, they will encounter unique objects and items as well as wild Izumi to tame and add to their collection.
When the player approaches an Izumi using the Augmented Map, they will recieve a notification informing them of it, and be prompted to enter the AR lens mode and spot the Izumi in situ.
When the Izumi has been found, players will enter the Catching minigame with the Izumi and attempt to tame the beast. Once tamed, the Izumi is added to the player's collection to be used either in the battle mode or traded on the off-chain marketplace.
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