Izumi World
Battle alongside friends to compete for the title of Champion.

The Izumian League

In Izumi World, both clans and individual players will be able to pit their teams of Izumi against each other in the Arena of Aronexx to compete for Izumi Tokens that further their ranking in the Izumian League.
The Izumian League is broken into sub-leagues for players of varying experience and Izumi Tokens. The leagues will be as follows:
Fighter’s League: 10-50 Tokens
Warrior’s League: 50-200 Tokens
Gladiator’s League: 200-500 Tokens
Magician’s League: 500-1000 Tokens
Wizard’s League:1000-5000 Tokens
Champion’s League: 5000+ Tokens
Players in the same league may queue into online matchmaking and duel with other players' teams of Izumi.
The highest ranking players in the Champion’s League will be invited to the Iladoran League Cup to compete in one-on-one battles for fantastic rewards.

Clan Battles

Players in clans can do battle en-masse with other clans and fight for Izumi Tokens. Players in a clan will be called upon by the clan's leader to submit their teams of Izumi to fight in a war against a rival clan. A clan battle may take place over days, and may contain numerous individual battles of players between clans until one clan wins a majority of the battles and is declared the winner.
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