Izumi World
Battle Overview
Coach the team, make the play.
The battle mode will consist of two players, each with a Battle team of up to three Izumi, with the goal of reducing their opponent's Izumis' Healths to zero. Combat will consist of twelve Rounds with two phases, the Command Phase and the Attacking Phase. Players will activate abilities during the Command Phase, and those abilities will be performed during the Attacking Phase. Command phases will last up to 30 seconds, and the Attacking Phase will last up to 20 seconds while the abilities’ animations play out.
During a Command Phase, each player will spend Initiative to activate abilities. A player starts the Battle with one point of Initiative, and receives 1 extra Initiative per round. Each player’s total Initiative is replenished at the start of each Command Phase. Abilities will cost varying values of Initiative.
Players will also have the option to use a Support Spell to efficiently spend Initiative and synergize with Izumi abilities. Support Spells may perform similar functions to Izumi abilities, but are limited in their usefulness in the later stages of battle.
Each Izumi may cast one ability per round, and the player may cast their Support Spell once per round, generally totalling up to four actions per round.
Players will repeat Command Phases and Attacking Phases until either twelve Rounds have passed, or all of a player’s Izumi have been defeated by reducing their healths’ to zero, resulting in a victory for the player with remaining Izumi. If twelve Rounds have been completed, the player with the highest number of active Izumi wins. If twelve rounds have been completed with both teams of Izumi still having an equal number of active members, the match results in a tie.
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