Izumi World
Strategize and analyze, rock the boat.

Izumi Battles

Each Izumi has its own generated stats and abilities that will determine its effectiveness in battle. Players will arrange their Izumi teams to combine the elemental magics and defeat enemy Izumi.
The battle mode will consist of two players, each with a Battle team of up to three Izumi, competing against one another by using their abilities to defeat the opposing playerโ€™s team. Combat is broken down into up to twelve Rounds with two phases, the Command Phase and the Attacking Phase. Players will activate abilities during the Command Phase, and those abilities will be performed during the Attacking Phase. Players continue this until twelve rounds have elapsed, or one players team of Izumi has been defeated.
It will be up to the player to decide which skills will give the greatest advantage during combat, and how to formulate a strategy to defeat opponents.
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