Izumi World
In-Game Assets
Upgrade your hatchery, become a top trainer.
  • Weekly Mystery Box - Upon our game launch, users that stake their IZUMI tokens will receive weekly mystery boxes. The more tokens a user stakes the more valuable the rewards they will receive in these boxes.
  • Runes - Users can purchase or earn Runes in Izumi World. Runes are used to catch Izumis in the wild. Spells are broken down into 5 tiers: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, & Legendary. The higher the Spell tier, the better chance of catching high-value Izumis.
  • Bait - Users can use bait to lure Izumis to their location. Each piece of bait lasts 30 minutes. Bait can be discovered when hunting or purchased in the Izumi Shop.
  • XP Boosts - Users can consume XP boosts to increase the speed at which they level up.
  • Health Potions - When battling other users, health potions can come in handy. Give your Izumis a health boost using these precious items.
  • Stamina Potions - When battling other users, regenerate your Izumis stamina using a Stamina potion.
  • Eggs - Eggs are used to breed new Izumi. Eggs can be bought, sold, and discovered in Izumi World. Eggs take various amounts of time and tokens to be incubated. Valuable eggs hatch valuable Izumis. Tokens used for incubation are burnt, increasing token value and scarcity over time.
  • Gear and Player Cosmetics - Various gear and outfits can be purchased in the Izumi Marketplace or earned during Gameplay. We will be partnering with various brands to bring the best style to Izumi World. Players can customize their avatars in a personal fashion. Players can also upgrade their bags to increase the number of items they can carry at one time.
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