Izumi World

Izumi World

Welcome to Izumi World! In a land torn apart by war with ancient evils, the trainers of magical beasts, known as Izumi, battle to defeat the forces of Death and compete to become the world’s top Izumi Champion!
Multitudes of NFT-related games and projects are popping up in the blockchain gaming space. This oversaturation of the market has us focused on creating new ways to engage players, and bring fresh ideas and designs to the NFT-gaming scene. To that end, Izumi World is creating the first augmented reality game to combine geolocation technology with a token economy and a deep gameplay experience.
The Izumi World Team is hard at work creating a game with broad functionality, skill-based gameplay and a philosophy of direct community-developer communication to ensure the highest quality user experiences. We aim to bring the mainstream audience into the blockchain gaming space for the first time ever. We are not just building a game, we are building a social trend.
Using AR, or Augmented Reality, players will see the beauty of Izumi World projected into their own homes and neighborhoods. AR, through mobile devices, allows for a much more accessible entrance into play and earn gaming, one without the massive hardware requirements of VR gaming.
The NFT gaming industry has an enormous market cap of 30 billion dollars, which is expected to grow to upwards of 300 billion by 2025. As a first-of-its-kind, we aim to have Izumi World be the premier product for the NFT gaming community for years to come.
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